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FedEx Freight


  • Design Build project for Land Development Company of Lexington, LLC for a 110 door FedEx Freight terminal with a 10 bay shop facility and two lane fueling station.
  • Installed special storm and French drain system to deal with unusually wet site and running groundwater
  • HALL’s third terminal of this magnitude and scope


Greensboro, North Carolina

Corban Avenue Precast Tunnel

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  • Open cut Corban Ave. (Hwy. 73) to install 76’ of  9’ X 12’ tunnel, with heaviest section weighing 14 tons.
  • Also installed new sidewalk, curb and gutter and storm drain with catch basins.
  • Reopened Corban Avenue one week ahead of schedule.


Concord, North Carolina

Broyhill Dam

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  • Reconstructed a dam for CNL Real Estate Development at what was formerly known as “Broyhill Dam” near Blowing Rock, NC.
  • Construction included 20,000 CY of excavation, 28,000 CY of fill, 800 CY concrete,; 680 LF of 60″ RCP and 4,500 TN of rip rap.
  • The dam will form a reservoir of 20 acres for the Sweetgrass community of homes, cottages, cabins and a lodge.


Blowing Rock, North Carolina

Cabarrus County Jail Annex

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7.5 acres of site clearing and grading (75,000 CY of cut with 23,000 CY of export)…1,497 LF of site sanitary sewer and 2,549 LF of storm water system… 1,480 LF (3,908 CY) of cast-in-place building and site retaining walls… 555 LF of 20′ tall segmented block retaining wall…134 LF of precast concrete tunnel under Corban Avenue from existing courthouse to new jail annex…and slab-on-grade and elevated slabs for the new annex building.


Cabarrus County, NC

Chilhowee Dam Sinkhole Repair


Excavated existing and growing sinkhole to it’s limits approximately 38 vertical feet as directed by the engineer. The dam was / is of a sloping core construction method. HALL reconstructed the clay core and filters as we refilled the sinkhole area and brought it back up to original grade and contour.

Involved approximately 6,600 cubic yards of material was replaced, and 5,400 tons of rip rap, 5,100 tons of filter material, and 3,300 tons of clay core materials.


Eastern Tennessee

Alex Porter Dam


Constructed a low risk dam for a private individual, including shaping the pond bottom.

Excavated approximately 6,800 cubic yards of material and constructed dam with approximately 14,800 cubic yards of clay.

Removed approximately 36,000 cubic yards of material during the pond shaping phase.


Davidson, NC

San Lee Dam



Removed and replace existing concrete spillway with new secant wall, grout curtain and rock anchors. We had limited work area due to being in an active park. HALL also removed several thousand yards of material from the lake bottom and regraded the shoreline.


Lee County, NC

Kannapolis Spillway


The City of Kannapolis, NC was directed by Dam Safety to make some critical changes and repairs to their spillway at Lake Kannapolis Dam. HALL repaired all joints in the spillway and placed a gunite layer on the surface after removing spalled concrete areas. We also internally repaired a leaking joint, through the use of divers, in a 30″ ductile iron pipe, some 250′ up the line. HALL installed a new 24″ DIP bottom drain,increased the size of the discharge channel, and installed gabion baskets to prevent erosion.

Kannapolis, NC

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