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Welcome to HALL: Your Underground Utility Contractor in North Carolina

At Hall Contracting, we’re proud of our record as one of the Southeast’s most respected contractors.

We Thrive on Challenging Jobs

Because we work as an innovative construction team, we thrive on industrial, power, or municipal projects that are challenging. Our Pinnacle award in 2001 for Best Utility Construction Project required us to slipline (repair without using trenches) an existing concrete pipe under the Saluda River, and we not only completed the project successfully, but we also minimized environmental risks. Hall Contracting regularly handles even big jobs using a majority of our own forces; our craftsmen normally do site work, concrete foundations and slabs, piping, underground utilities, building construction, large diameter sanitary and storm sewer rehabilitation, and process equipment installation. We regularly manage difficult industrial, power, or municipal projects, many on a turnkey basis.

The Merit Shop Concept

We support the merit shop philosophy on our projects, which means we give customers scheduling flexibility, we manage control of our resources, and we complete projects on time and on budget.

Activities and Projects: A Sampling

Hall Contracting regularly performs most construction tasks with its own crews. Here are some examples of the tasks that we perform:

  • Foundations/Slabs
  • Dams
  • Turbine & Generator Overhaul
  • Industrial Maintenance
  • Sliplining
  • Underground Utilities

Here is a sampling of past projects:

  • Lake Kannapolis Spillway
  • FedEx Freight Terminal
  • Bridgewater Hydro (new turbine installation)
  • York County Natural Gas Authority installation
  • Barnwell Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Charlotte Airport reline/repair, Lynchburg VA and Concord Regional Airport sliplines
  • U.S. Institute of Peace slipline

There’s good reason to choose Hall Contracting as your industrial construction contractor in North Carolina and the Southeast region: we’ll do the job right! Call us today about your next big project.







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